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“Great pizza at a fair price. Delivered. How hard can it be?” And with those words, it all began. Tired of paying an arm and a leg for a decent pizza, or feeling dirty after ordering from the big boys, two Aussie mates went looking for a better way and Hello Pizza was born.

Genuinely good pizza doesn’t cost as much as you’d think – it’s the bells and whistles that push the price up. By stripping back to the essentials, and partnering a top Italian chef with great contacts in the fresh produce markets, the guys found a way to cut costs, without cutting corners.
So that’s out with dining-in, fiddling around with DIY toppings and weird pizzas no-one ever orders. And in with a carefully chosen range of all your favourites, at a great price. Delivered.

So what do we do with the money we save? We use it to make the very best pizza we can, without skimping on quality. From the flour in our dough, to the meat and veg in our toppings, our chef chooses the freshest, most flavoursome produce money can buy. And after all that, we can still afford to sell our pizzas for less. Makes you wonder how much money the big boys are really making, doesn’t it.

Like any good restaurant, the kitchen is the heart of our business. To make sure our pizzas arrive in perfect, oven-fresh form, we build our kitchens where our customers are. So if you’re near a Hello Pizza kitchen, you can relax. Delicious, great value pizza is never far away. And if you’re a little further afield, hold tight, we’ll hopefully be heading your way soon.